Spaghetti Globulos e Pepe

Late in the summer of 2013, I came across this video of a recipe for 3-ingredient spaghetti. I was pretty hooked except my sauce for Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe always came out with blobs of cheese instead of a smooth and spicy white sauce. I have continued to try to get this dish right but the sauce is rarely as beautiful as the images from this recipe.

Lately I’ve omitted the butter that Fabio used in his recipe demo and tried to vary the amount of water added for the pasta sauce (cooler temperature, less water, for example). Next, I will try to buy a wedge of Pecorino Romano (rather than the finely pre-grated cheese from the deli) and see if grating it a little coarser helps avoid the clumpiness.

I would share a photo of my spaghetti globulos e pepe but alas, I’ve eaten all the evidence!

More to come with future experiments (and hopefully some foolproof tips on getting a better sauce consistency).

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